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Dali floor speakers

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. For a powerful, assertive sound, floorstanding speakers are ideal. Their increased size gives them deeper bass response than conventional standmount speakers and allows them to fill a larger room with ease.

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dali floor speakers

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dali floor speakers

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Find out more. Expert Advice. Home Hi-Fi Floorstanding Speakers. Our hottest deals on floorstanding speakers Extended home exchange. Show 12 Bringing the SPEKTOR series to life has been a delicate balancing act of getting the optimum amount of audio performance, and optimising the production of every element of the speaker. Getting this much Hi-Fi performance from a speaker series in this price range not only took all of our experience and know-how, but also hours and hours spent in the listening room, improving the driver and crossover designs to create the perfect audio performance.

The dome tweeter offers best-in-class resolution with an extended frequency response, wide dispersion and low coloration. A clear heritage from our high-end series. The tweeter is based on an ultra-lightweight weaved fabric, which weighs less than half of the market standard 0. By using only DALI designed and custom-built drivers, the need for frequency correction in the crossover is eliminated. This enables us to design an exact crossover which together with carefully selected quality components ensures that the signal loss is close to zero.

Our low-loss drivers uses a mix of low-mass paper cones with wood fibre reinforcement. The embedded wood fibres give the surface an uneven structure, which dramatically minimizes the resonance of the surface. This creates the best possible reproduction of every detail in the audio signal. No matter if we look at compact Hi-Fi, stereo amplifiers or surround receivers, SPEKTOR will bring out the best in them, showing you just how good music and movies can sound.

Serving up a detailed, dynamic and powerful audio reproduction, they are the perfect choice for any stereo or surround setup. The ultra-compact speaker in the range. Front, rear or side speakers in a surround system, or alone in a compact stereo setup. Brochure EN Whitepaper. Find your local dealer.

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Join us online.Speaker reviews are easy to write when the speakers sound good, which means this DALI Rubicon 6 review was a breeze. At least once I puzzled out the motivation for the curious branding convention more on that later. The Rubicon 6's are floor-standers that measure just short of 3 feet 4 inches tall, just shy of 8 inches across, and a hair under 15 inches deep.


The drivers are all located in the upper half of the enclosure: two 6. One woofer handles frequencies below Hz and the other reproduces frequencies ranging from Hz to 2,Hz, where the soft dome tweeter kicks in. I can tell you the former is likely true, but my ears stopped hearing the sine wave sweep well south of 20kHz. With the grill off, you can see the dual 6.

DALI talks prominently in its literature about the soft magnetic compound used in place of iron to form the speakers magnet cores.

This supposedly cuts down on hysteresis and the resulting distortion, which is kind of a thing in the industry right now.

DALI Rubicon 6 speaker review: Staking claim to a sonic empire?

In a speaker core, this means some slight resistance on the backslide. The graphs DALI provided say it makes a difference. All I know is that the speakers sound amazing. The speakers are bi-wired, meaning there are two sets of terminals in each cabinet. One set is for the woofers and the other is for the tweeters. You can remove the bridge that marries the two for normal usage, and run two sets of wires from the amp to drive the woofers and tweeters separately.

Some people say they can hear a difference in the sound with bi-wiring. The bass was just right for my taste, the mids well-defined without being harsh, and the high-end smooth and bright without being shrill. That amp provides a solid watts that took the Rubicon 6 to the limit of the volume I feel comfortable testing with. Within that gamut, I noticed no distortion, and practically no coloring beyond that which human perception induces when the volume rises.

I could go on all day here, but the fact is, I liked the speakers very much and have no real complaints. They did make me wonder, however, just how much more bass the Rubicon 8, with their third 6. That might be a consideration if huge thump is your thing. The Rubicon 6 offer bi-wire terminals.

Remove the bridge between the terminals and you can drive the woofers and tweeters independently. Though our lab is in a very solid building with linoleum or the modern equivalent over cement floors, there was a very, very nice effect that broadened the bass just the right amount to my ears. Why a Danish company has named its product after a river best known for the Roman emperor who crossed it in 49 BC is over my head.

But I digress. What DALI has put together sounds really good. These Danish-made floor-standing loudspeakers are very expensive, but they are beautiful to behold and they sound absolutely delicious.

At a Glance. DALI Rubicon 6. Design and specs The Rubicon 6's are floor-standers that measure just short of 3 feet 4 inches tall, just shy of 8 inches across, and a hair under 15 inches deep. DALI With the grill off, you can see the dual 6. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details. Pros Bass without boom Clear and precise in a musical way Stylish industrial design.

Cons Expensive.Sometimes only a good floor-standing speaker will do. The only problem is not everyone has the room or the inclination to place a hulking set of tower speakers in their space. Enter the Dali Oberon 5. Read on to find out how these speakers excel in both the design and sound departments.

They only measure They will fit into any space or decor with no problem. Below the bass port is a set of clear plastic 5-way binding posts, and they are angled so you can easily insert a pair of banana plugs.

They have a nominal impedance of 6 ohms and recommended amplifier power is between watts. Any quality integrated amp should be able to make them sing. Because of this, they recommend no toe-in during setup, unlike other manufacturers.

dali floor speakers

They advise pointing the Oberon 5s straight ahead with a sitting position that is equal distance between them, forming a triangle. They also recommend a 15 to 80 cm distance from the back wall, which equates to between 6 and 30 inches in U.

The Epicons, the serious audiophile speakers they are, had no problem playing fast and dynamic, bringing modern music to life. Instead, they seem to focus on musical enjoyment. The diminutive floorstanders play much bigger than you expect, all while maintaining precise control over the complete audioband. The designers behind this product knew what they were doing. The treble was lively but not overly so, the mids, which may be the Oberons strong point, were beautifully transparent.


The bottom end was deep and well-controlled, adding nice weight to their presentation of music. Soundstage and imaging were excellent. To me, this was another sign of skilled engineering.

The presentation was very forward; I felt like I was right in front of the stage. Listening to some of my favorite test tracks, I was astonished at how engaging the music was. The speakers disappeared, and everything seemed to hang in its little bubble. At least three different soloists are singing on the track, and you could hear the placement and stylistic differences of each one.

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When the whole group sang together, the blending of the vocals was so clean, and it just seemed to wash over me. The scale of the performance was tremendous. Those words are exciting and musical. I really loved how punchy and immersive the sound was; it just wrapped around me like a warm blanket.

The DALI Oberon 5 is a truly remarkable speaker…I have no idea how they got such a big, musical sound in such a neat and tidy package. They do all the audiophile stuff like soundstage, separating instruments, and, imaging but at the same time they never forget to have fun. Highly Recommended! You must be logged in to post a comment.

Skip to content July 19, Search for:. Build This look is enhanced by the elegantly shaped aluminium base mounted on the two floor-standing models.

The use of the SMC disk greatly reduces mechanical distortion, which lowers third order distortion. This allows for a longer listening pleasure, a relaxed midrange and a surprising amount of detail for its price class. The driver materials, crossover design and geometry applied in the OBERON series has been selected to achieve a wide dispersion pattern.

This ensures a well-integrated sound, even when listening at a significant off-axis angle. An added benefit is seriously reduced harmonic distortion and diffractions causing frequency distortion. This is why all DALI speakers are not designed to be toed-in. The OBERON woofer features a wood fibre cone with a blend of fine grain paper pulp, reinforced with wood fibres, which creates a stiff, light-weight and well-behaving structure.

In combination with a low-loss surround and spider suspension, this cone reproduces the micro details in the signal - unfiltered and with high accuracy.

DALI makes it easy to integrate your loudspeakers into any room. Both the driver materials and geometry applied in the OBERON series has been selected to achieve a wide dispersion pattern in the listening area. The same principles have been applied in the design of the crossover.

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Thus, you will experience a well-integrated sound, even when listening at a significant off-axis angle. This is important as you are rarely seated directly in front of your loudspeaker when listening to music. An added benefit is seriously reduced harmonic distortion and frequency distortion, as these will always be stronger in an on-axis response.

This is also the reason why all DALI speakers are not designed to be toed-in. With two compact stand-mounts, an on-wall, two floor-standing and a centre channel, the OBERON range has something for every need. Every speaker model is perfect for stereo use and is able to fill everything from small apartments to large living rooms with high-quality sound. Matched with a matte black or white front baffle. The rear mounted bass port ensures optimum integration within the room, and the elegantly shaped aluminium base gives the two floor-standing models a lighter look.

The OBERON series also introduces a brand new front grille design with rounded edges that add a lighter and contemporary visual look to the speaker series. Marshmallow White is available as an accessory. It redefines what is possible, both in audio quality and visual design, in its price range.DALI have been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers since and are located in Denmark — hence their name: Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries.

I have been kindly loaned the Rubicon 5 speakers you see here. Anyone familiar with the brand will already know that DALI tends to do things a little differently to most other speaker makers. With the Rubicon 5 this certainly remains true as you get the main driver and not one, but two tweeters working together to cover the high end. The driver array consists of a Paper pulp cones are used as they are extremely neutral sounding, yet light and strong. The wood fibres improve the strength of the cone and add self-damping qualities due to the erratic placement of the fibres themselves.

Energy is quickly dissipated before it becomes acoustic. Which is a good thing! A patented, trickle-down technology from the flagship Epicon series, SMC has a high magnetic conductivity and a very low electrical conductivity, characteristics that result in a significant lowering of the colouration of reproduced sound.

dali floor speakers

The ribbon tweeter takes over from the conventional soft-dome unit at around 14kHz, with the dual aims of maintaining dispersion at the highest frequencies and improving resolution.

The pair of Rubicon 5 speakers I have here are in a rather luxurious white high gloss finish which perfectly matches my living room style not that this is of any interest to you, good reader and are not overly huge at just mm h x mm w x mm d. I remember when I was first heading to the capital and one of the things I had to downsize when I got here was my Acoustic Energy speakers. Connections are via a set of good quality 4mm binding posts with which I am using banana plugs but they will also take spade terminals, or bare wire.

This end of things is also biwirable.

Dali Opticon 8 vs Dali Opticon 6 speakers altavoces

The base of the speaker has 8mm inserts for spikes or rubber feet. In the supplied accessory box my sample came with spikes which I stood on solid brass shoes so as not to annoy my landlady. The speakers do come with grilles which consist of a plastic frame supporting acoustically transparent fabric. These are attached to the cases via a plastic peg which slots into a hole above the ribbon tweeter.

The Rubicon 5 speakers are well built and, at almost 16Kg each, are no lightweights but perhaps not as heavy as you might think they were going to be. Looking around the speakers the fit and quality of finish is spot on. My review set displayed a few little war-wounds, no doubt from being shipped around the country or further afield, but I am sure a pristine set is a sight to behold.

I played around with the positioning of the Rubicon 5s and they seemed pretty happy in most situations. What really grabbed me was how engaging these speakers are. These are dynamic and energetic and really enjoy driving a tune. Before I dived in to my rock catalogue though my first stop was more to see what this double tweeter thing would bring to the table. At no time did the highs sound harsh or clipped. Her unaccompanied, plaintive vocal was rich and emotive.

Not that it ever gets clumsy but I did find that, on occasion, it seemed to be a little overeager — this was tempered by more positioning adjustment and I am sure having some room treatment would sort that — but I am in a rental and am limited to what I am allowed to do with the space. The Rubicon 5 do seem to enjoy being driven, which is quite easily done. I really enjoyed the percussion from the latter and could have just had that on repeat for ages as the midrange and bass just made me content in a very primal way.

Here you get the realism and live sensation without any discernible colouration. I was getting a room filled by instruments and artists spread across the space whilst the bass seemed to flow liquid-like about inches from the back wall before enveloping the scene.

Panning from left-to-right, as Pink Floyd does so well, just magnified the width that these speakers create, making my living room feel even larger. These are pretty compact floorstanders in comparison to others on the market but the sound they produce is much larger than their physical size would suggest.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here.

We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. The speaker arrangement offers four separate cones: a one-inch silk tweeter for sparkling highs, a 6.

The cabinet comes in a sleek black oak finish and is built with acoustically inert, furniture-grade MDF to make sure that all it does is hone and project the sound forward. The look is further accentuated when you remove the front grill off to reveal the cool speaker configuration. Each unit is 7. This thing is about as affordable as you can ask from a 6-ohm, roaring watt tower speaker. In this particular category, larger is often better, as it means more room for more powerful equipment.

To maximize space, Yamaha squeezed in undersized drivers in order to offer something lean and small-room friendly. The modern design may or may not be for you, but it certainly feels right when placed next to a flatscreen TV.

The Onkyo SKF two-way bass reflect floor-standing speakers feature fantastic sound at a wallet-friendly price. Sold as a pair, the inch tall, Featuring twin 6. Each Onkyo speaker weighs They feature a rear panel that houses a bass port, and even have connector ports for banana plugs, pins or stripped bare wires like the As for the sound quality, it's both clean and detailed, without feeling warm or overcompensated.

The TSi brings Polk into the high-end pack, though, with a set of specs meant to "wow" any ears. And it's all held up with fat, rubberized feet to make sure virtually no unwanted frequencies are transferred through to your floorboards.

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The midrange is covered by a five-inch woven glass fiber cone that sits in its own dedicated chamber within the cabinet. Finally, the pair of eight-inch subwoofers carry a clear, commanding, decidedly undistorted kick all the way from 35Hz, which will go perfectly with the rumble of an action movie.

Each tower is The BP series from Definitive Technology is an excellent generalist speaker setup. In each BP speaker there are two 3. This package also comes with a matched center channel unit the CS that features two 4. The designs are also pretty unique as, rather than just opting for an all-black color scheme, Definitive has put some sleek, futuristic silver accents.

Best floorstanding speakers 2020: budget to premium

But on power and clarity alone, this setup will be hard to beat for those who want movie-quality sound right at home. Each enclosure houses two 5.

Klipsch is saying that the lightweight supports the clarifying capabilities of silk, but the rigidity of titanium gives you more power. Dali is a brand that rejects the norms of other speaker manufacturers in a lot of ways. First off, on looks alone, the floor standing Oberon 5 speakers are pretty unique. Rather than going the dark gray and black direction, Dali has outfitted the 5s with a tan, wood-grain housing and lighter slate grills on the front.